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I think we can all agree that saying hateful things are no good, but who gets to decide what is hateful and what is not? What happens when these mobs come for you? This has played out before. And I’m sad to see that Mozilla has become a supporter of censorship.

get a different hobby and some perspective…
ZPlus / admins: can you please delete my account from this joke website which is spammed with US American flavored “freespeech” nonsense? Thanks.

I for one am willing to hear what anyone has to say about the issue. I think censorship is becoming a very real and present danger in our society right now. You may agree with those being censored, but what happens when your ideas become muzzled? How do we bring truth to light and light to evil if it’s being “cancelled”? How can you discern what’s truth and what’s not if you don’t even have the other object to weigh out against the one being promoted?