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I believe there are five fundamental digital rights:

  1. Right to Change Providers
    If a person wants to change a service provider, they can easily move to another. (Decentralized Services)
  2. Right to Protect Personal Data
    A person owns and controls their own master keys to encrypt all data and communication, nobody else. (User-controlled Encryption)
  3. Right to Verify
    Society has the freedom to inspect the source of all software used, and can run it as they wish, for any purpose. (Software Freedom)
  4. Right to be Forgotten
    A service provider only stores the minimal personal data necessary to provide the service. Once the data is no longer required, it is deleted. (Minimal Data Retention)
  5. Right to Access
    A person must not be discriminated against nor forced to agree to any terms and conditions before accessing a service. (Personal Liberty)

If we can do those things, we can change the future of computing for the better.

Why the hell they misquoted Mark Twain like that? The quote should be “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read”.

I thought that one looked funny as well.

I found this article that digs deeper. And though it casts a some doubt to the originator, I think the point is clear that you gotta use square braces when you take liberties like that.