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The following really stuck with me

Try not to compete against some kind of tool from Microsoft itself. That’s just a losing proposition 95% of the time. And maybe realize upfront that the price of a significant success in .Net OSS means that Microsoft will eventually write their own version of whatever it is you’ve done.
If you don’t already know, in the last 12 months or so Microsoft have openly discussed and in some cases released alternatives to Automapper, Identity Server and Proxy Kit whilst using their large PR and marketing machine to tout “Microsoft loves OSS”. The one thing is clear and you should pause, think and accept the fact that Microsoft is a BUSINESS! Their fundamental goal is to make money.

Under what license are the microsoft copycats released?

afaik MS uses MIT license. This shows that .Net FOSS projects should adopt the GPL. The EEE strategy works too well for MS as they control Windows, Office, C#, Visual Studio, Azure, MS SQL.