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I would like to know, if it has ever happened that organizers at install-fests have installed malware or, more in general, proprietary blobs, behind people’ back.

Malware, I don’t know. Proprietary blobs, yes that’s quite common. Every time you install Mint or Ubuntu for someone, or even Fedora (if you count CPU microcode) without explaining them what that entails, you are installing non-free blobs behind people’s back.

Normally I enjoy reading RMS posts, but not this one. I don’t like the exaggerated use of the devil metaphor. He’s trying really hard to speak like a religious nutcase, trying to convince me that I need to convert to their religion because there is some devil that I can only shield from by joining such religion.

Yeah, if you strip away the metaphor, his argument here is quite sensible (if you are a free software advocate). But in a world where he is already a target of ridicule, publishing an article with a heavy handed metaphor like that doesn’t help.