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I’m not sure why the author of this article wrote:-

feel free to still think of PHP as a crappy language

It’s very easy to find articles that state that PHP sucks and not so easy to find ones which state the opposite, but this article demonstrates that PHP is actively developed and has come a very long way since the days when “crappy language” was a deserved monker.

Vive la PHP!

I think PHP today is still paying for the bad rep of its older versions. It used to be that PHP was just code inside HTML (many many years ago), and it evolved from that. This means that sometimes it can be messy and perhaps counterintuitive, but I think new versions are good, at least they serve me well and don’t give me headaches. It was born as a language for the web, so I think that maybe it could be confusing for people that wanted to develop desktop applications with it. At the end of the day it depends on what are your needs from the language. People that need to do strings manipulation will say that C is “a fractal of bad design” and people that want to write a shell will say that PHP is “a fractal of bad design”. If PHP were stuck at 5.* I would not be using it today… but I never ask myself “is PHP a good language?” instead I think “should I solve this problem with PHP or C or Java or Python or…?” There are so many variables to consider such as performance requirements, deadlines, frameworks/library support, interoperability with other tools and projects, do colleagues know the language or not, am I doing system or application programming, deployment requirements, simplicity of doing something compared to other languages, source code maintainability, is the full development stack free or not, how is the documentation and community support, overall goals of the project… I really don’t mind if PHP has a few glitches :)