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University Degrees and Certificates dont really show your skill. They just show that you are able to study for tests.
Worked with some Certified Linux Peoples, and most of them had no fckin clue about anything and just studied with a book for the certification process and then forgot almost everything afterwards…

On the job training is the most valuable source of knowledge.

how could one get on the job training?

Learning by doing. You have a problem and you learn how to fix it.

Good companies provide a senior to teach.

Just put it into a truth table. Do it with everything. And anyone sensitive about being at one polar side or the other of education can just drop the emotion and return to logic.

“I do good work” and “I have a diploma” go into two different columns.

“I get noticed by recruiters” gets another column.

Split these up further and you get columns such as “I have a diploma from the university of foo” or “I get noticed by recruiters for sysadmin jobs”.

Apply to politics, pop culture, etc where applicable.