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I have been in nostalgia mode myself because of the same reason. I have found myself actually perusing the web archive and it really is amazing how much content users were generating themselves back then. I think we could not only call it the “Creative Internet”, but the “Human Internet”. That is one thing that I remember about it, when you went on those journeys through cyberspace, you touched people each time, because it was a creative extension of themselves. And a lot of people connected that way as well. Even down to all the silly nonsense like Awards, Cliques, Rings, etc. It was truely a human network. Now it’s feels more cold on the surface, but as the author says the warm heart is still pumping below that steel hard skin, we just gotta push it through again. Great article.


today we have a “corporate web”, when you google something the top results are from some corporation. To me Tor today gives the same feelings of the old web: a crazy and unpredictable place with interesting stuff to explore.