Feature Requests for freepost
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There a two features I would like to have:

1) Teaser Text - If I submit a text and a link the text is “lost” as click on the headline open the link. The text is only seen when a user wants to write a comment. Add the first 20 or so words from the text as teaser as subtitle. Clicking on it open the post itself then,

2) Feed of latest comments - It is hard to find topics with on going discussion. A feed of the latest comments would help to see what others are posting.

Thank you for your feedback. I’ve opened a new issue here.

We could show that text when you hover it with the mouse using the HTML title attribute.

Which would kick out text based browsers and mobile browsers, which currently still work with this site.

Indeed. I don’t know how many people use the website with a text browser, but it would also be problematic for mobile users.

How do screen reader or browsers handle that?

Not sure about this. I think they only read normal text and maybe alt="" attributes on images, but not any tooltips, especially if they require javascript.

I like this feedback, very usefull options

This should be fixed now.

Thank you!