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I’m curious to know how encryption works…

Since this is all based on email, you can communicate with users even when they do not have COI-compatible servers or apps.

which is to say, encryption is not mandatory? Messages are downgraded to plain text?

A COI-compliant client MAY support the Autocrypt standard to ease end to end encryption scenarios.

COI tries to be compatible with DeltaChat, which uses autocrypt, but yeah, you can chose not to send encrypted mails. However, as I said in the previous post, all those mail messengers are not trying to solve the encryption issue with mail. If you want a secure messenger, pick one you like and try to build your network. Mail messengers try to leverage the existing network’s user base and improve from there.

Where is a list of clients?

Chat Over Imap

Yea… that’s gonna be a “no” from me, thanks.

Can’t believe there are even more people doing this now. As if, DeltaChat and p≡p are not already enough to completely fill this space.

There can still be a use case for all of them though.

How? IMAP & SMTP are fundamentally flawed protocols, and now we have many projects implementing a hack on top of them. Why?! One project doing this… okay, then we can at least have a proof of concept that “works” (as well as it can within the protocol’s limits). Having multiple projects/implementations is just a huge waste, in my opinion.

COI aims to be DC compatible. Iirc the current COi client is infact based on DC core. From what I get COI focuses more on adding better handling the server side.. but it’s actually not so clear…