#peers:matrix.org keeps kicking me out
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Periodically, I’m getting kicked from the room (on Matrix) and seeing this message:

You have been kicked from Peers by @appservice-irc:matrix.org.
Reason: IRC error on #peers: err_needreggednick

To solve this I have to send a plaintext username and password to @freenode_NickServ:matrix.org. It remembers me for about 1 week then kicks me out again.

Any clue why this is happening? It’s obviously a bridging issue, but I see no reason why the bot shouldn’t remember who I am. Matrix has authenticated user accounts built in, so when I’m logged in as @alexgleason:matrix.org I am clearly that user.

This is the drawback of setting the channel +r, but I can’t remove the flag or spam will take over :(

Regarding matrix… unfortunately I have no idea, I don’t know why it kicks you out. Is there any matrix user here that knows better than me? You could try ask other #peers, right now I see Chris[m] and tmm[m] but there are other matrix users that join every now and then.

Okay, I’m guessing +r means registered users only. I don’t really understand how IRC works. Do you have to authenticate every week too when you use IRC?

Yes it’s just a flag to allow registered users only (registered on freenode). The IRC client can log you in automatically when you connect to the server, and you remain logged in until you disconnect (there is no timeout). I can try removing the flag if you wish, but I’m afraid spam will flock to the channel.

Does matrix have an official channel? They probably know what’s going on with the bridge.

Only on that channel, or you are kicked out from all channels?

Are you actually online right now? Because it seems to me that from IRC we see matrix users only after they write something, not right after they connect.