We are a community of people interested in free software and free culture. Here at freepost we share interesting links, articles, and stories related to these topics.

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Who maintains freepost?

freepost is maintained by Peers. We are part of a highly motivated community of people with a strong interest in free culture.

What to post

The general rule is: anything related to free software and free culture, that is interesting to you, and that you think other like-minded people will find interesting too.

You are free to submit any links ranging from software, to art, science, and politics, as long as they have some interesting relevance with free culture. This means that most posts about proprietary software, politics, religion, sport, or meme are off-topic.

How to post

Use a concise and (if possible) objective title. Do not use clickbait titles.

Link to the original source whenever possible: avoid ads, paywalls, and content farms.

Please do not submit too many links at once.

How to comment

In short: don't be a dick. Keep the discussion civil, do not insult other people, and do not start flamewars. Do not spam, and try to avoid "+1 comments" as well as unconstructive criticism. They add nothing to the conversation, and we try our best to keep discussions interesting.

Unless malice is overwhelmingly evident, assume good intentions whenever reading and responding others’ comments. We do not tolerate insults, threats, or harassment.

Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy

freepost can optionally store a user email address, which is only used to reset the user password. Emails are not shared with anybody and can be deleted at any time by the user.
freepost is currently hosted by TuxFamily. TuxFamily keeps the web server raw access logs for up to a year, as required by French laws. Read more on their FAQ.

If you wish to increase your anonymity while browsing freepost, we suggest to use Tor and a random email address.

freepost does not make use of any third-party service (for example CDNs).